NEED Help Pls translate to English!

Hello can someone please help me with English Translation of this conversation:

[09:37, 02/12/2021] Salma Kech: Sbh nor
[11:00, 02/12/2021] Hicham Alaoui: Sba7 Nour salma
[11:00, 02/12/2021] Hicham Alaoui: Yallah f9t
[16:45, 02/12/2021] Salma Kech: Sbh nor
[16:46, 02/12/2021] Salma Kech: Ana fach sift lik
[16:46, 02/12/2021] Salma Kech: Ylh n3ast
[16:46, 02/12/2021] Salma Kech: Ô fa9t db ghda l salon
[16:55, 02/12/2021] Hicham Alaoui: Aw bzzaff a salma Tal 9h 9as7a saliti khdmtk Siri rta7i m3a rask
[16:56, 02/12/2021] Hicham Alaoui: Mzn thlay Kiya f ch3oratk of rask
[20:59, 02/12/2021] Salma Kech: Wyh
[20:59, 02/12/2021] Salma Kech: Andi kolchi blm9lob
[02:04, 03/12/2021] Hicham Alaoui: Wayeh surtout f had l ghrba ana yallah salit dB nmchi ndwch on3se 3rfti lyoma CA Marche dyal bss7
[04:01, 03/12/2021] Salma Kech: Wyh
[04:01, 03/12/2021] Salma Kech: Ta7naa
[04:01, 03/12/2021] Salma Kech: Olh
[04:02, 03/12/2021] Hicham Alaoui: Wana twa7cht ri lwalida ga3 MN hadchi kolo
[04:02, 03/12/2021] Salma Kech: Wayh ga3 hakak
[04:02, 03/12/2021] Salma Kech: Olh
[04:03, 03/12/2021] Hicham Alaoui: CA fait 3ans dB manzlt
[04:03, 03/12/2021] Hicham Alaoui: Mazal nti yallah jiti
[04:04, 03/12/2021] Salma Kech: Oui wakha ylh jit
[04:04, 03/12/2021] Hicham Alaoui: Wayeh surtout nti drya lghrba 9as7a chwiya
[04:06, 03/12/2021] Salma Kech: Oui
[04:07, 03/12/2021] Salma Kech: Khososan ana ô mama 3al9tnaa bezaf olh hit ma3ndich khti kbira hiya kolshi
[04:07, 03/12/2021] Salma Kech: Bnisba liya
[04:08, 03/12/2021] Hicham Alaoui: Ah fhamtk a salma laykhliha lik mskina ta Hiya ratb9a mbrzta 3lik
[04:10, 03/12/2021] Salma Kech: Laa bl3aks hiya 3arfanii 9ada brasi hmdelh ô rdat lwalidin homa aham Chi ms khlit eliha blasti ô tana hakak
[04:14, 03/12/2021] Hicham Alaoui: Tana b7al hakak m3a lwalida konte msa7b m3aha bzzaff Machi b7al khoya 7dodi
[04:14, 03/12/2021] Hicham Alaoui: Katgole liya khliti blastk 9dach
[04:16, 03/12/2021] Salma Kech: Wyh iwa dorouf
[04:18, 03/12/2021] Hicham Alaoui: Awdi f Marrakech konte khdam 7sne MN hna ri ma3art chno Kona baryin
[04:35, 03/12/2021] Salma Kech: Wayh iwq hmdellh
[21:14, 03/12/2021] Salma Kech: Ahln cv
[21:14, 03/12/2021] Salma Kech: Wayh mafa9t htal 19h
[21:14, 03/12/2021] Salma Kech: Ô jit lkhdma
[00:59, 04/12/2021] Hicham Alaoui: Ahlan salma wa tana yallah l9it kif n7k rasi Tamara lyoma drdba 3awtani
[04:07, 04/12/2021] Salma Kech: Wayh
[04:07, 04/12/2021] Salma Kech: Ga3 hakak
[12:00, 04/12/2021] Hicham Alaoui: Sba7 Nour salma
Ana 3awtani jit lyoma split shift Bari nchofk onbdlo had la routine ensemble mais off Machi b7al
Iwa maktabch

Fach iktab


Hi Joanne,
of course i can translate that log to english, ok let’s begain!! :smiley:

Good Morning

Good Morning, Hello

i just get up

Good Morning

When i send message to you

i just sleeped

i get up now and i will go at the hairdresser’s

but it’s too much Salma, hard for you, you finish your work , go to reste

it’s good to care about your self like you caring about your hair

You are right

i have all in disorder (as she don’t care about her self and caring about hair, “Priorities”)

Yes above all in this country , i’m just finished now, i go to take shower and i will got to sleep today, it’s working hard

You are right

Same of me

I swear

just i miss my mother, i don’t care about these world

Yes, we are same here

I swear

it’s about 3 years baby i didn’t return to home

You are just even came here

Yes, even i came here

Yes, over all you are female , and you are abroad it’s hard for you


Especially me and my mom very mortgaged because i don’t have my grand sister she’s all

For me

i understand you Salma, god save her poor she’s thinking about you

no, in opposite, she know that i can care about my self, and caring about my mom is important but i miss her and her also the same

me also i got friendly very much with my mother not like my brother his interaction with her is limited

she told me -his mother- you are left a big void for me

Yes, It’s the circumstances

when i was in Marrakech -town in Morocco- i worked nice than here, but i don’t know what i look for in that time.

Yes, Thanks to god

welcome, are you fine?

Yes, i get up at 19:00

and i get to work

you welcome Salma, me also i just find break from this busy time today good time again


We are same here

Good morning Salma
i came again today to …

heyyyyy thank you sooo much for the very detailed and on-point translation! highly appreciated :)))

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they look living away from there familly