Need arabic name

Sallam to all,
I am new in this forum and I am very happy that i found it.
Well,I am expecting babe boy soon inchallah and i am looking for easy Arabic name ,i had one name in my mind which my brother name said but i want to give him 2 names because this one is not easy with please help me with some names and i will appreciate you for that.
thank you again.

Adam, Zakariya, Omar, Youssef, Ismail, Zayn, Hicham, …don’t go for Anas… good luck

Wa 3alaykom ssalam, Louiza. Welcome to Speak Moroccan. Please feel free to introduce yourself in the new members section :).

For masculine names, I suggest that you go through this thread, although it’s a 6 pages one. Another member was expecting a baby boy, and many of us suggested boys names to her. She ended up choosing the name Adnan, which is a beautiful name.

Why do you want to give your son two names? In Morocco, the famous two names that go together are Mohamed Amine, or Mohamed Zakaria. I find Zakaria to be a very nice name.

Wa 3alaykom salam, and mabrouk on the baby.

Hassan is a good name too.

Mabrouk for the baby!

Omar, Ali, Fares, Hashem…