nbghik, bghik w kanbghik :D what are the differences + some other Q's

I apologize for my last translation request that was filled with vulgar and i didn’t even know… next time when i have direct translations to be made, i will just email you SM and inshallah you can reply whenever you have the time…

ok so i’m still stuck with the differences between nbghik, bghik and kanbghik… i hear all of them (and see them of course) but don’t really know what the differences are although i know they all mean i love you in one way or another… how are they different? that’s my question.

also i have a few more questions :smiley:

  • do moroccans use the expression y5rebetek also ?

  • is rou7 ‘go’ in moroccan too ?

  • and how would you say the idiom “Go drink the sea” :slight_smile:

chukran kteer w bzzaf d’avance :smiley:

some <3 to you all.

No problem MPM, I think that nobody noticed your request in a way or another, since I wasn’t notified until days after it was posted.

Nbghik and kanbghik are both correct. The first sounds to me like rai -lol-. The second is the most correct grammatically.
Bghik is definitely wrong.

Yekhreb bbeetek! Funny expression, but very mean. Why do Egyptians wish each other to get their “homes destroyed”? Mystery!
And no, that’s typically Egyptian, when a Moroccan uses it, it’s only for fun imitating Egyptian movies that flood our TV channels.

I know rwâ7 is let’s go, in cities like Oujda. [Rwâ7 yâ 3omrî -lol]
Rou7 is not used in Darija for go, no. It’s rather: sîr.

Shrb lb7r! / Shrbî lb7r.

<3 back to you :).

haha you made me laugh with your response SM walla :smiley: thanks a lotttt and it’s funny how you guys jokingly imitate the Egyptians xD hilarious.

Wow thanks for the short but effective “Shrb lb7r” :smiley: lemme start using it!!! :hap:

Bsalama a khti w chukran 3la kulchy, walla.