this word isn’t necessarily Moroccan darija, I found it in a mid eastern/gulf context… what does it mean?

barakallahu fikom

nawarty form ‘noor’ which means ‘light’, & it means sth like, you’ve shined or your light is shinning…etc.
& it’s usually said to a guest in the middle east.
In Morocco we say ‘mnawwer/ra/reen…etc’

shuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuks a PB dialna, ma3ndi mansalek wellahi

I have two sentences, and that’s all for now… thanks to anyone who gives it a stab

ekhtasar gdid (jdid) ana mekhtar3ah

ma dra 3anh -ism (name here)-

ekhtasar gdid (jdid) ana mekhtar3ah = new abreviation that i’ve invented

ma dra 3anh -ism (name here) = ?

shukrannnnnnnnnnnn akhoya. :slight_smile:
second one isn’t important anyway =)
your new name: ProfessorBirdDialAccents3rabyyGa33333333 :smiley:


cough correct that please ProfessorBirdDialGa33333333Accents3rabyy


hhhhhhhh so that makes your new abbreviation: PBDGA3 :blink: looks like the plate numbers for cars we have here xD

addi donya
que signifie:
-addi donya
-had zhar kollo 3and 3ammak lafqih

-addi donya = so great, so big (it’s egyptien)
-had zhar kollo 3and 3ammak lafqih = do your uncle ‘lefqih’ has all this luck !!

Fqih, means a wise man, or a man of religious knowledge, & it’s sometimes used to refer to a person whose name is unkown, like ‘l7aj’ & ‘si mo7amed’

merci beaucoup pour la eapidité de la réponse