Nass El Ghiwane CD's?

Aasaalam alaikom,

Anyone know where I can find any nass el ghiwane cd’s online? This is my new favorite group, and I am in love with the music. Looking to put some songs on my iPod.

Shukran bezzaf:)

you can find some tracks on itunes

@Pakyrus Shukran! I actually bought a couple songs from iTunes, but I’d really like to have some cd’s for the car. Also, this helps with my pronunciation…

3 Albums of Nas El Ghiwane Qualete 128 Enjoy :okay:

@ Achmenfar9: Shukran, I will check this out…

@Aman13: Shukran, ana hebbhum!

I have the cd on my computer if youre interested :slight_smile: “eeeeeesssssseniyaaaa!!”

@camillev34: Yes, I am interested. Will you send me file? Shukran.

Btw, what is the name of the album this song is from?

yes of course the name is " esseniya" :slight_smile: just give me ur adress and i do tht the fastest i can :slight_smile:

This is the CD I am looking for:

or this one:

Some of these songs aren’t available on iTunes or Amazon…

i have the first one

-Ya bani insane
-fine ghadi biya khuya
-wech hna houma hna
-el madi fate
-allah ya moulana

@camillev34: I sent to your inbox.

done :slight_smile:

@camillev34: Shukran bezaaaaaaaaaaaf ukhti! I am listening to it daba;)

ure the most welcome ya u5ti, its a great pleasure to send nass el ghiwane songs!!! used to get crazy in my car with them. i have also seen them in concert last year in south of France= they ROCK! enjoy yourself!