Naseem - Moroccan Arabic Nasheed

A very very sweet Nasheed I discovered while browsing through Hiba’s youtube channel. Thank you Hiba for uploading it :). The video is great too.


Naseem - Abdel Salam El Hasani
Album : Naseem


OMGGGGGGGGG THANK YOU :ty: :ty: :ty: :ty: :ty: :ty:

I’m so happy you liked it :dance: I put all the pics of Morocco that I have in it

I bought the Album its called naseem and it’s great you have to check it out :smiley:

You didn’t upload all the songs, did you?
I’ll be checking all the other videos of yours too. I see that your nickname is PalestineMoro, that’s sweet :).

No I only uploaded this one
I’ll see if I can upload more but I ran out of pics :lol: :stuck_out_tongue:

it’s fun to upload videos :okay:
hey if anyone has an account please add me :D:D