Name of song and the singer?

Hi, this music (Dropbox - 199eeef4-788c-46b8-8891-50a34bdcf634.MP4 - Simplify your life) was recently heard at a fair in Tetouan and I have searched both Shazam and Google Music, but am unable to find the name of the artist nor the name of the song. Does anyone on this forum happen to know? (Feel free to give the details in Arabic if you have them)

no it’s not copyright, the musician just improvise, with the the rhythm, and those songs exist in weeding and the artiste just sign it for humor, sometimes for laugh and dance. and it’s special for women dancing, but any way not all use that, it’s about families and there culture.

about the first part he flirt about girl how has a black point in her face (in some on her face to look beautiful, not artificial but born with it) , 1,2, 3 … Marrakesh spell … it’s just mixing words to be nice earing