my son needs help!

My daughter has been dating an exchange student from morocco and he is leaving next week. I would like to find how she can tell him in her language … that she cares form him deeply and he will always be a big part of her heart! he is like a son to me and she would really like to let him know.

and also for me can you translate
“your an amazing man, just be your self!!”
so i can tell him that! thanks!

Hi Kimmie,

My advice is that you tell him that in English, because the meanings of these sentences can’t be fully conveyed to Darija. The reason being that we don’t say such things plainly.

What you can tell him instead, and which sounds typically Moroccan, is: Rak azeez aleena, w anta behal weldi == you are dear to us, and you are like my son.

Amazing is wa3r i assume.

But lughatuddarija (user above) has pretty much given you a good phrase: Rak 3zeez 3lina w nta b7al waldi

the letter 3 represents a gutteral vowel articulation from the throat, and the letter 7 represents a deep H sound…

Good luck!

I am confused…
The title says your son needs help…
Your message says it’s your daughter who needs to say something to her friend…
And the response you got from LD includes a sentence that YOU can tell the guy, telling him that you consider him like a son…

I am lost.

DL don’t be confused, she means that she wants to communicate with the dude who is like her “son” but it is her daughter which is going to be saying the phrases to her bf.

thank you for the saying for me to say but what about my daughter…

how does she say… she said maybe try asking how to say he is her number one or that she will keep in touch no matter what!!

hmmm, how to convey “i will miss you, and want to stay in touch, but we are not engaged to get married” in moroccan derijah…
how about one of these:
“ghadi n-twa-hesh-tek b-zef” I will miss you very much.
“t-hella f-rasek” Take care of your self.
“anta al-kebda di-eli!” you are the Love of my life!
-literally “you are my liver” (use with caution)
And what every I post, listen to the real moroccans who post after me!

there is probably a peace corps page in this somewhere…

to express love there are many expressions of which i have heard but “nta alkebda dialy” is truly a new one, and quite intriguing… can someone please confirm that this is actually used, so that i can note it down in my vocab list … oh and its not coz i don’t trust you Lux but you said “real moroccans who post after me” so i just wanna know if others approve of it too :slight_smile: thanks for bringing it up

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bsalama 3likom.