MY eyes, YOUR eyes

Hi !

I wanna open the new thread. To share with members what we see thru our eyes out of our appartments. Let each one writes the place (Country,City) and maybe some description.

So I will start it.

Slovenia, Kamnik. From the balcony. It was cloudy, otherwise on far end an Alps (big mountains) can be seen, mostly with white snow on them.

Wow, what a nice sight! Thank you for sharing Alesh, and this is a nice idea!
I would like to post a photo too, but you’ll have only a neighbor’s house on the photo, and I am not sure he would like to have some publicity online :hap:. I hope others can do it.

I love that picture! So that’s what you wake up to every morning? How very lucky!

I have view to three sides. I will show you other twos too :slight_smile:

Hey all
I used to draw what I can see from every window when I was in highschool, I did not have time do really draw (you know, I am there to study), but it was just a kind of making a small image on a notebook using a pencile…

Your picture is beautifull, I like to see moutains, or at least horizon, from our windows I can see houses lol, I have to go to the top of the house so I can see the sea… , after all I can see a kind of horizon, I am happy then :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you still have those drawings? If so, then share them :).
Come on, no one can show us what they see every morning? Alesh will be disappointed.