My 3 choices - Can anybody offer any tips or suggestions?

Assalamu alaikum

My sister and I are planning to go to Morocco for about 2 weeks to learn either Darija or Modern Standard Arabic in either one of 3 language schools in Rabat, Fes or Tetouan. At the end of our trip, nchaAllah, we hope to be able to converse in Arabic confidently, even if it’s just err… 20 phrases or so :stuck_out_tongue: Our main purpose is of course to be on holiday and explore beautiful Morocco :slight_smile:

After narrowing down our choices, we found that the one in Fes is interesting, as it has a intensive program for 2 weeks inclusive of a homestay. Also, the location is just great. Fes for 2 weeks!! Finally I could have more time in Fes.

As for the one in Rabat, it is situated in Souissi. I’ve been to Rabat before and yes, it is also an interesting city.

Lastly, the one in Tetouan, there is an option for a one week course (20 hours). I’ve never been to Tetouan before, and would love to see the city.

Our criteria for choosing the school, would be

  1. Location - Is it accesible to nearby cities and also other places of interest?
  2. Is the place accesible for 2 girls to move around safely?
  3. Living costs - affordable?

Any suggestions which city would be the best choice? (though i’m sure it’ll be a tough choice!)

Last but not least, a separate question: Is there any volunteer programs or something like in Morocco?

Syukran bezzaf

in advance, for all the help in answering my lengthy questions :wink:

Sorry for for the very late reply. I thought I’d better let someone who had been in a school of these give you a piece of advice, as there isn’t much I personally can tell about them, I have never been to them ^^.
But… If I were you, I’d go to Fez. While in Fez, you can visit cities around: Meknes, Ifran,… and be back to your hotel or whatever the same day. But are you really sure you want to enroll in a school instead of taking the most benefit of your trip - and budget - and seeing more of Morocco? When are you planning to come by the way?