Muslim Demographics.. true or just fear?

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" It is He Who hath sent His Messenger with guidance and the Religion of Truth, to proclaim it over all religion, … " - Tawba (repentance) : 33

" have children & increase , i’ll be proud of you infront of the other nations on the judgement day " - Prophet Mohammad PBUH.

" when everyone said it’s the end, i said no ! this is the beginning. you’re looking for TV & mics, you’re begging for a spot light ? here’s the spot light: 9/11 was a wake-up call to the world, why are you hidding ? here’s a spot light, get out to the worlds " - Yusha Evans.

The dimographics are right, but he did not mention sth. he only talked about the immigrants, well…that’s not right. the conversion to Islam is also increasing the number.

  • 20 000 every year in the US.
  • 4000 in germany
  • 70 000 in France
  • similar numbers in UK & Australia.

In the 80’s we were 1 billion, now we’re 1.6, only 500 million betwwen us & the Christians.
Also statistics in Erope says:

  • only 14% of the French natives believe in the existance of God.
  • less than 50% in Europe.
  • Most “practiced” religion in Europe is Islam.
  • Most of the new born males in Belgium are called “Mohammad”.
  • & there are more mosques than churches in some countries.

I totally agree with M.Qaddafi, that was my opinion before, that’s Allah’s plan to make the west more developped to cause people to immigrate. & people are converting without compulsion, however others are still claiming that Islam spread by the sword ! i don’t know how they do it, but they do it.

People are afraid from sth from their own imaginaton. they created a picture of Nazi Islam & violent religion, & now they’re afraid of it ! where is it, i cant’s see it ?!!!

In the end he said the should share us the gospels. by the year, muslims already know what’s inside the gospels, & Arab christians priests say it won’t work.
people came from the west to preach the gospel & went back muslims to their homelands.


thanks for the extra info khoya, and the reason why they didn’t include the “conversion rates” is because this video is obviously evangelic propaganda, so do you think it will benefit them if they show the growth rate of muslims by conversion? :slight_smile: msakeen, they can keep trying…

At the end of the day, as muslims we respect all faiths, because that’s what our deen tells us… but we do not abstain from spreading & promoting the truth :wink:

well ive watched this video in FB a year ago … and the question is ‘’ can we consider anyone who has an arabic name as a muslim ?’’
well in those statistics they r considering “mustafa” ( his mother is moroccan and father is french atheist ) a muslim … but this mustafa in reality doesnt know even how many salaats we must pray per day :s

well this video is based a bit on exaggeration, so the figures are shown higher than reality.

yes this is it … :okay: