Much needed translation, shoukran bazaf! ! !

I’m a woman talking to my Uncle, I’d to know how to say this thanks so much :slight_smile: I’m working on my Darija, its just taking time :confused: :slight_smile:

I’ll be back in Morocco this Summer. Tell Hiba I miss her and I kiss her so hard. Hello to all of my family, and send my love. My mother sends her love to my grandmother. God Bless you.

ana ghadia nkoun 3ndakom fl blad f seif inchallah. 3afak 9ol lhiba twa7ichnaha w nbossha bzaf. 3afak slimni 3la l3aila kamlin. oumi 9alit li n9oulak slimha 3la jdati. llah 7afdkom w yjezkoum bkheir.