Msemmen recipe, anybody??

Salam, everybody

I would like to know the recipe for msemmen, a simple one, if there is.

You know, here in Singapore and also in neighbouring malaysia, there is a food item also which looks like msemmen. In singapore it’s called “Roti Prata” while in Malaysia, it’s called “Roti Canai”.

There are many variations to this, and people are getting adventurous and even putting fruits in it. e.g. sliced bananas

Here’s a picture of a roti prata

And here’s a picture of the chef flipping the prata

Totally old post, but in case it interests anyone, I made msemmen yesterday from a recipe on Cooking With Alia and it worked perfectly. Just like the stuff I used to eat in Morocco. Mmmm.

It was very easy. You could use less oil, though.

as for me i found the recipe easy…it just needs time and time…or it will come out like a gum hihihi
but the tragic thing when i tried to make them at home was the fog :mdr: :mdr: (made from cooking them on the hot pan)