msati ola chno?

i want to know what these two sentences mean, i hope they are not vulgar in any way as i have been insulted many times by moroccans, although it is simply fun fights, some things that are thrown at me turn out rather… RUDE!

So here they are:

derbiha bne3ssa

khellito lik

Chukran kamleen,

khellito lik: I kept it for you

I dont understand the first one…

im not sure but is it she got sleepy (literally, she was hit with sleep)?

Thanks Hiba and achminfar9.

For those who don’t know, The thread title means: Crazy (m.s) or what?

derbiha bne3ssa
It means: Get a nap, or simply go sleep. Nothing vulgar, we use this expression 3adi (in a normal way). It’s like tu plaques tout, et tu vas dormir, d’oû l’usage du mot darbiha.

Khellito lik

It actually can mean “I kept it for you”, as Hiba said, but the first translation that came to my mind was: I left it for you. It’s like when two persons fight over something (someone) and then one of them gives it/him/her up to the other person: “There you go, it’s all yours now.”

thanks a lot everyone for your input. As i get translations for these phrases i learn more and more darja expressions, grace à vous :slight_smile: