MSA: second generation children

ok I need help in writing about second generation children and how their parents adapted before them and how they may feel different coz of their upbringing so…help me bleez by translationg the following :angel::

Their parents faced the problem of not being able to fit in with the community becuase they were different to them. The Majority of people did not mind that they were different but some were not so keen on foreigners. They adapted by learning the language and getting involved with the community as much as possible, and sent their children to secular schools whilst making sure their children knew their roots as well.

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I’m not sure of the underlined word, which is a translation of “keen”, i counted on the explanation given in Dictionary . com.

Sorry couldn’t write to u the translitiration/pronounciation, i don’t have time & internet is slow these moments…i hope u r not in hurry for this.

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never heard those words in arabic :S

[quote=Madridista]???..??? !!!
never heard those words in arabic :S[/quote]
Typos,they were supposed to be [large]??? & ???[/large]


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