movies!! :)

Last movie you watched??

Yesterday, I watched “Neverland”, with Johnny Deep and Kate Winslet.
It’s a beautiful movie, dreamlike and full of poetry and magic. I appreciated a lot! :ok:

Then I watched Ironman… and I prefer not to say what I think about that movie, a smiley will be enough: :sleep:

LOL elise, your comment made me laugh !! :stuck_out_tongue:
last film i watched … mmmm … racks my brainssssss grrr, really can’t thinkkkk … OH les choristes … obviously not in cinéma, it was at schooool :slight_smile:
last movie in the cinema was … 10, 000 BC - i got distracted by the cooool-loooking people, and kinda forgot that there was a storyline :stuck_out_tongue:

yesterday I watched james bond quantum of solace

although i should,ve been studying :lol:

i watched etre et avoir with a tunisian friend last week! it was great but we didnt have time to finish it!
next on my list is a film called taken, set in paris, but an english film, it’s about a girl who gets kidnapped for the trafficking “industry”, and there is some arabic in there apparently :smiley: can’t wait!
also, la haine is on the top of my list too!


Watched “There will be Blood” recently really nice movie… great story, acting but it is a long movie.

Its about greed, oil, anger, loyalty, in math terms “rate of change over money received”

The Times chief film critic, James Christopher, in a list of the Top 100 films of all time released in April 2008, listed the film #2, behind Casablanca. [i really had to add this … LOL]

mun91, i really like your signature :hap:

ya its very nice, so is loubna’s :smiley:

i need to have a look at loubna’s; one moment, i’ll be back
and also, i really like yours! awww i remember reading that and thinking it was so clever, but that was before i knew you :hap:

oh gosh, it is! it’s soooo pretty, comme toi a raisssssssssoun :smiley:

I should get a signature, too…

yesss :smiley:
find something nice, don’t let us down :hap:

Hmm, oh I’ve an idea. I’ll do that later.

Slumdog Millionaire

this movie is so amazing I loved it so much
please watch this movie everyone you’ll like it :D:D:D

WOW, those pictures are beautigul, i like! when i first heard of slumdog millionaire, it was on seeing a bus advert of it (like on the side of a bus) and the way the girl and boy were stood next to eachother, just screamed “HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL” so i never wanted to watch it. but it seems it is actually deep and meaningful, so i wanna watch it, now! and btw hiba, your signature is WOW. ZWIN BZZAF

Merci Tukha!

Thank you so much :D:D:D
I hope you like it!

Labas, is there any moroccan movie/film with english subtitle? is it sold online?

Nanni Moretti - La stanza del figlio / The Son’s Room

had l-film mzyan bezzaf. 7tta l-musiqa d l-film mzíwna. 3ajbatni had l-ghonya.
wash 3ajbuk l-'eflam dyal Moretti? ila kan 3and-ek l-wqt u 3and-ek ánternét daghya,yemken l-ek telqa l-film hna: