Movie in Darija - Please help...

Hi all,

a couple of weeks ago I found a posting concerning a quite successful maroccan movie in Darija (it was from around 2006, I think, the title was kind of a word game or something like this). I can’t remember the title and I can’t find the posting anymore.

Who can figure out what film it was?

Thanks in advance,


Sorry I can’t help you with your query, but since the topic of films has come up, I would like to repeat a query that I have posted on speakmorrocan before. Maybe some new members can help ?

Many years ago (in the early 90’s) I saw on Australian TV a Moroccan film called “Badis” directed by M.A. Tazi.
Does anyone know if this film is available on video or DVD ?

And speaking of films,
there’s an interesting list of “Morocco-related films” on the site

I found the movie again!

It was “Marock” (2005) from Laïla Marrakchi.
I found it at Amazon France as second hand… :slight_smile:

Kind regards, Bsslama, Xsara

Quite a controversial movie. Didn’t like the plot, did like the audio excercise though; darija parts are subtitled in French. You can view the film here.

This film was such a waste of an hour and a half of my life. I hope it was merely a misrepresentation of the youth in Morocco, Casablanca to be more precise because if it WAS an actual display of how the youth are in “MarocK” then that is just sad, i think. I really liked the brother, Mao :stuck_out_tongue: but yeah overall i found the ending to be ridiculous and the plot to be a load of tish. I was expecting something better from a moroccan made film. It’s not recommended for youngsters to watch and luckily i was able to forward some bits.

Long Story Short: i rate it a 3/10, and the 3 marks goes to the scenery that was showed in the film, or else i would probably give it a minus grade.

Oh and how rude of me not to thank maarten for the link, Thanks!