Mot par mot.

Il suffit seulmende faire comme ça:


Jouer–> Ballon.

Ballon–>Foot ball.

Foot ball–>Sport.


Sport —> Plein air

Plain air–>Campagne.

Campagne = calme


dormir = lit

lit = dormir lol
Je vais sortir du sujet :smiley: lit = livre


Lire = culture

Culture=cultiver :^^:


Enrichir=$$ Riche $$

riche = auto

Auto= Voiture

Voiture = argent

argent = vert
(drôle de lien… mais c’est la couleur des billets; tous au US, et 20$ au Can).

vert = arbre
(rather obvious ! I liked kdja’s more obscure connection) or on second thoughts maybe not so obscure, since the US $ is also referred to as the ‘greenback’ !

I often play this game with my students - we call it Word Association Game.
It’s a good vocab game.

Can we add darija ? :wink:

arbre / shashra (?) or is it shajra ??

Shajra like shajaratun in Arabic :slight_smile:

arbre = oxygène

oxygène = vie i[/i]?

You don’t need to ask for permission before starting topics by your own, you’re one of us :). So you can start a word association game in Darija in the exercises section which is the main section for practicing Darija. As for this game, no guarantee that everyone speaks Darija to put Darija synonyms :).
By the way, did you see the English version of this game?

Vie --> Mort