Morocco in Pictures

I just would like to share some pictures with you !

J’ai envie de partager quelques images du Maroc avec vous !




I’l upload others next !

Thank you for sharing!

WOW machallah!! hope you don’t mind if we like kinda steal them :smiley: or copy them i would say… :^^: copying the pics = a euphemism for stealing the pics :slight_smile:

these pics are another reason to just FLYYYY to Maroc… nchallah one day

Mashallah ! thanks a lot :smiley:

beautiful, Mashallah!
I guess the 2nd pic is in Marrakech (jamma el fna)

u all welcome ! thanx for the feedback :slight_smile: Yeah of course, u can have these pics :slight_smile: …It’s a special gift for the users of this forum!

here are other pics !

Enjoy ! more pics r comin up inshAllah

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa they are so beautiful!!! i love that “Allah, al watan, al malik” or is it “malak” for king i dunno but i Love that… & the shoeeees are gorgeoussss… runs to the flight company for the quickest flight to morocco

chukran bzzaf bzzaf bzzaf w bzzaf :smiley:

It’s malik and that’s means king. You find that all over Morocco. I think that was from the national anthem (I hope that was the right word, the Moroccan song).

yeah i see… did u guys hear about the guy that got locked up in morocco for writing on a blackboard “Allah, al watan, Barca” ?

Yeah I heard about that MPM :slight_smile:


Very nice photos. You took these by yourself, Abdssamad, right? Very high quality.
Thank you for sharing. I have the one with lblâghî (shoes) as my wallpaper now.

Thanx SM for the feedback :slight_smile: you welcome ! these pics taken by a colleague at work hehe ! so i just stole them :smiley: but they r new !

i’ll be uploadin others inshALlah

You can have them watermarked to protect your ownership of the photos.

U get them watermarked for the Forum !

I meant that you can do it with your own name, or initials, or whatever you want.

yeah i know ! i meant u can mark them with !

It’s really amazing Photos, i love them all, and i took one :^^:
Thank you abdessamad for sharing with us

abdessamad when you upload any photo, would you please write down where is the place of the photo!!. if you don’t mind
thanks a lot

abdu i finally saw thisss !!! i came across it accidentally, it’s so beautiful again, thanks a lot! machallah they’re gorgeous :smiley:
well BABOUCHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE <3 i took that photo, it will be my desktop background inchallah because it makes me smile :slight_smile:
it looked nicer here than in the e-mail, because it was so big, it took up almost my whole screen! so it was bright and lovely :hap:
thanks again for uploading! also, MPM mentioned the guy who wrote “Allah, walwatan, barca” what’s barca?

barca means barcelona(F C B), it’s a Spanish Soccer Team