Morocco In A Few Days

hi kids, sma7ou liya kont ghayib fil rif amriki. but im back now-- at least for a minute :slight_smile:

it looks like i might be headed over to lmaghreb for a quick trip between the 10th and 20th of this month-- SO:

-who knows whats going on? anything particularly exciting that i can catch when i’m over there?- i have stuff i have to do in rabat and fes, but i have some freedom

-general things that you reccomend

-anyone want 2 meet up who will be over there? (maybe i’m not supposed to suggest this on a forum haha but i think most of u guys know me by now)

-any other tips or things i should be aware of, this isn’t my first trip but i can always use advice :slight_smile:

reply or message me either way


Totally jealous. Have lots of fun :ok:

im still not sure yet…agonizing over the ticket! :pilot:

haha c’est normal, it’s quite expensive from where i’m at too! that’s why i decided to defer my trip, inshallah next mid-year or the one after, coz i need to save up some cash, the cheapest flight is about 2 grands. . Fortunately we have some family friends here who own a flight booking company so u know the rest :smiley:

Looks like someone is enjoying their Morocco trip… how rude not to send any postcards!