Moroccans in different countries

What if you started several types of forums such as Moroccans in Canada,Moroccans in America,etc? I know my husband has been in Canada with me for almost 2 years now and he loves when he knows there are other Moroccans he can sit with, speak his language and just have people he can relate to when it comes to so many things. I think it would be a nice way for people to connect .:^^:

That’s a great idea indeed, Tachour.
We are planning to add new sub forums, merge some old ones, so your idea will be definitely in. We just hope to have enough members to be active in those forums.

I’ll help when I can and I do hope my suggesting things is okay with you. I’ve been to Morocco several times,I’ve lived there for 5 months, my husband is from there and believe me when I tell you that Morocco,not just my husband,but the country,the culture and the people captured my heart.

Your suggestions are definitely always welcome. Keep them coming. :slight_smile:
And mr7ba bik with us in the forums.

Thank you. I don’t know how to make a cool sig, wish I did

You can start by having an avatar :wink:

What kind of sig are you looking for?

And as Bnita said, we definitely welcome suggestions. This forum is made for that!

Honestly I have no idea about signatures and avatars. Have anything Canadian or Moroccan ,or a little of both,lol

Well, you just go to the upper barre, click on profile and then on your left click on personality. There you can browse a picture from your computer to use as an avatar, and then add whatever you want to your signature.

Is it done already ? i think It’s too much to create subforums for all the countries, there are Moroccans all around the world, i say 6 subforums for the 6 regions.

that’s of course if you still concidering the idea.[/quote]