Moroccan women in Marseille & discrimination


interesting, but is the video only supposed to be that short? coz it seems like it should be a full documentry :blink:

yes it IS a full doc, but i was only able to find this short piece on youtube… maybe if you search up u can find more stuff… im at uni now so can’t really “youtube” at the moment… sssshhhh :stuck_out_tongue:

haha ok lol yeah I hate when they ban YT in schools and that but it is for a reason I suppose LOL

LOl no its not banned, we just have an internet usage limit which is 50 MB per week per student, which sucks, and if i watch a video there goes my limit :wink: that’s what the fuss is about :slight_smile:

oh right! here in schools they’ve blocked it but i dnt think in uni’s it is :smiley:

yeah it was blocked at high school back in the day :hm: i feel old :unsure:

:cry: Tell me about it! I haven’t even started uni and I still feel old :blink:

i knowww ha, i can’t believe i’m almost… 3shreeeen :open_mouth: