Moroccan Weddings

How a Moroccan wedding is conducted depends on the family customs, the city where they live, and the general tendencies. Let me talk about Moroccan weddings in general.
The celebrations lasts 2 days, Berbers may make them last 7 days.
The first day is called the Henna’ day. The party starts in the afternoon, with the bride entering the room wearing a green outfit, and she gets her hands and feet tattooed with Henna. After her, the other invited girls also put Henna on their hands. It’s to mention that in Morocco, only married women can have Henna in their feet, so the ritual of brides having Henna in their feet is like a way to announce that they became “women”. The whole thing is accompanied with dancing and singing. Some families may have men and women mixed in the same place, dancing together. Some other prefer to have women dancing alone, while men receive a religious lecture downstairs.
Another detail to mention is that there are different options for the place of the wedding. It might be inside the house, in the third roofless floor that is covered for the event; it might be inside a special green and red tent that is prepared for the event in front of the house; or it can be in a huge hotel reception room, or in one of those reception halls that are especially for rent for weddings.

The second day of the wedding is the main party. Family and friend are invited either for lunch for a party that ends at night, or usually for dinner for a party that lasts until dawn. The bride makes a defile of 7 dresses; and this is a Moroccan tradition. Normally, a professional (nggâfa) is hired for that, and she brings all the dresses and needed accessories. The dresses are traditional Moroccan Takshitas of different colors, a white takshita or a white dress for the closure of the ceremony, and may even include an Indian Sari or some other international dress. The bride comes in with the groom and poses for photos with the family and friends, and stay in the room for a few minutes and then leave for a while for the bride the change. The music keeps going in the meantime for others to dance. Tea and cookies are served.

I think that pictures speak better than words ;). I find this nice gallery, check out and you’ll practically see how the wedding goes.

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Oh that is so sweet and romantic i wish my wedding was like, mine was a catastrofe we didn’t have anything we didn’t even took any pictures ,our weddding was so fast that I dont even remember about that day hahaha:^^: and well here I am now divorce after 6 years of marriage. Oh well i’ll find the right one next time, I HOPE!!!

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I Think Thats The Henna Day

I have been to different weddings from several different cultures.
I find Morocco wedding the best :okay:

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To get a good idea about Moroccan wedding watch lalla arossa 2007 or 2008 which just started…
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Bande Annonce Lalla Laarossa 2008


I watched very small parts of it last year, just when it happened to be on TV while I am there. I am not following it this year.
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