Moroccan Wedding Customs Morocco, one of the gems of the No

In the modern times things have changed a lot. In old Moroccan culture parents would choose a bride for a
groom, but the things aren’t the same in the recent times. Young people choose their own marriage partners
now. Some of these old Moroccan wedding cultures and traditions have either vanished away or exist only in the rural areas.

Modern Moroccan weddings usually take place at night at big villas that are solely rented out for weddings. The men
usually wear suits, and the women don their best caftans made out of delicate laces, and often intricately beaded.
The ceremony is full of singing, drumming, dancing, and merrymaking.

but thats still a traditional moroccan wedding i think :smiley: … the reason why we rent that villas coz we dont have much space in our flats for all that guests or we cant do the huuuge tente in the street ( well , some ppl do it lol )
well , true the moroccan wedding is developping but in the good sense i think … pfffffff not for us (men) grrrrrrrrrr we gotta pay all that shit … while ppl are eatin dancin and enjoying their life , ur thinkin the whole night how the hell r u gonna pay all that :s

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don’t be so harsh on him/her guys… he didn’t copy and paste **** like some of our members do, let the guy inform us about moroccan weddings as some of us need to know this stuff…

[color=#814db1]InshaAllah I’m getting married here soon. I need to know this stuff! My fiance is NO HELP in telling me what to expect or even what to choose from. Whatever we do will be small. We haven’t the funds for those huge 10,000 dh affairs! If we’re lucky it’ll be a DJ, some sweets and lots of tea. He works repairing electronics as people bring them to him so although he can support us we’re in no situation to have a HUGE event.[/color]

[color=#814db1]He is Berber and I’m a convert who came here from the USA. We intend to live here in Khemisset or maybe go south toward where his brother lives in Tiznit, maybe even Essaouira (I HOPE!).[/color]

[color=#814db1]Our wedding has been postponed due to my own messups of not bringing all the paperwork I needed with me so we have to wait for the beaurocracy to clear up.[/color]

good luck with that! Moroccan weddings are trully something ;D and u dnt hav 2 spend gazillions :stuck_out_tongue: just freinds, fam and da fun begins :stuck_out_tongue: oooh and food :stuck_out_tongue:

[color=#7f57a7]ooohhh da food!
We went to his brother’s engagement party last night. WAWWWWWWW! If anyone left the party hungry they only can blame themselves![/color]

[color=#7f57a7]shokran for the good wishes.[/color]

hehe yeah no one can leave unless uv been stuffed silly lol in weddings ull never ever leave hungry :stuck_out_tongue: go party food! :smiley: