Moroccan TV

Well, maybe this isn’t the best forum for my question, but as Moroccans watch so much TV you could consider it part of their culture :wink:

Can anybody recommend me any good shows on Moroccan TV?

Good shows on our TV ? never heard of them… sorry :lol:

good one. Ok, than something watchable that isn’t too long.

recently there’s a little 5 min show called “shawari3” (streets) in which a guy quickly picks a street in Casa that is named after a person that no one know anything about…& so he starts giving infos about that person…that’s it…
that’s what i find watchable in first channel…there’s also “aji tshoof” (come to see), they show it every sunday after midday news, it includes the daily life of certain type of person/group in Morocco, with no comments…just the Camera & people talking…

About 2M, i believe it doesn’t target me & my portion of the society so i don’t watch it.
Mom likes to watch “sh’heewat bladi” (good dishes of my homeland) in which Shoomisha travels with her crew around Moroccan villages & presents traditional meals…

Do you know when they show “shawari3”? Sounds interesting.

Oh, I really don’t like cooking shows…

Shawari3 is from Monday to Friday at :unsure: i think 20:35…or maybe 20:50…i’ll tell you whenever i made sure of the time…
I remember it’s around the evening news but don’t remember if its before or after…

Shurkran!! I try to watch it tomorrow. couldn’t be bad to watch the news, too…

i like shhewaat bladi (though i got only “bladi” from the title when watchin’ it :mdr: ) i like the people shoomisha meets,i love to hear them talk,also to see how they cook :hap: the strange thing is that when i plan to watch sometihng on 2M i never success to see what i want,it seems they change time for the tv shows… :cry: except for the news on 2M or alMaghribya :mdr:

thats cuz if u are really a 2M watcher, you are watching all day so it doesnt matter what time they come on

it seems like moroccan TV is made only for foreigners :smiley:
great … we must stop paying the TV taxes

well some foreigners like moroccan TV :ok:

ajial is an ok program too i tinks

i know a lot of ppl who watch 2M…all day…but its everyone who doesnt have a parabol, grandmothers and stuff…me i like when rachid louali movies come on hes cool

I wanted to recommend Ajial too. i luv’t
I love too that mexican series that is dubbed into darija on 2m, so helpful. I think it’s broadcasted at 7 pm on moroccan time … as far as i remember

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :blink: :blink: :blink:

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :blink: :blink: :blink:
ACH !!!

u must be moroccan to know what PB feels :s
c’est treeeeees loin d’etre darija what they r usin in those series

hahahahaha PB, my mom hates that show, whenever it comes on she’s like “tfouuu 3la hadrthoum” or a “ykhhh” once in awhile

the only thing i find on 2m nowadays are nonstop commercials, especially for cellphone and telephone service ones
i see them so much i know them word for word :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote=Madridista]u must be moroccan to know what PB feels :s
c’est treeeeees loin d’etre darija what they r usin in those series[/quote]
LOL… really!!! OMG!!! that’s probably why i understand it :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah mimi, i like their commercials too :smiley: interesting…

hahahaha tta wa7ed ma3ajbo dakchi li 3ndo
we were watchin the match between egypte and algeria in a moroccan cafeteria … and aljazeera sports started putting some egyptian ads and we ( me n my friends) were like wtf those egyptians have funny ads … then they were showing a moroccan one :d we were all laughing and sayin duuuude moroccan ads r so stupid
i like how moroccans always insult morocco when there is no foreigners around hhhhhh