Moroccan Tea

This vid was sent to me and I thought of sharing it with you. It’s in english btw:



very cool!
chukran lala gretchen!

merci bzaf marroquina :slight_smile:

Great !
Thank you, Gretchen :wink:

Really moroccan tea is smth special.
hahaha… I always try to prepare it at home after my coming from Morocco but … :huh: …I always get smth but not moroccan tea exactly!

…Moroccans keep some secret :blink: or what ?
But more than tea I like the “tea ceremony” :smiley:

I actually never tried it because of my laziness, but I was warned that I’d be addicted to it once I try it :wink:
and about the “tea ceremony”, I guess that would be so interesting…
anyway, u’r welcome sis :slight_smile:

duuuuude i keep tryin it all the time … but never i get my mom’s tea :cry:
but lately my friends told me that im preparin a good tea ( maybe coz they r lazy :smiley: and they want me to prepare it for them all d time )


So I think I have to continue my trying … maybe one day my moroccan friends ll ask me the same.
But really all my russian friends are sure that my tea is excellent !!

hahaha… because they never try it in Morocco…

Just don’t say them :wink:

Btw the most good one I tried in the desert… Maybe just because of desert :^^:

looooolll nooooo , not only coz of desert … its known that the best tea in morocco is made in the desert .
and the best ne3na3 is in my home town :stuck_out_tongue:


haaa… Kan bghi atay b ne3na3 :roll:

7ta howa kaybghik a zinoush :stuck_out_tongue:

lolll, hadchi universal methinks!!

hahahhha yeah … but i think moroccans use it a lil bit more :slight_smile:

you think and I think, and God only knows…
sat we dont know each other (I mean the 2 peoples)

YOU dont know us …

no i believe we’re the same :stuck_out_tongue:
well maybe words and the dialect yeah, but not us sat

well … i’ll need to visit YOU to judge by myself

dunno, u’ll see everything thru that prospective (I’m making it hard, i guess?) well you’ll need to live there to see yourself, not just a visit…

well with my knowledges i’ll need just a visit to confirm

yeah that’s what I’m talking about, WE too got some knowledge about you, but it turned out that they were wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

hahahahahhahaa but ours arent wrong i think :stuck_out_tongue: