Moroccan School Books

Can anyone here tell me about, or where to find out about, school books used in Morocco today? I assume they are in French or Arabic, but if there are some Darija texts I’d like to know about them also. Can they be bought online? Is there a government publisher or are they private? How would I get a list? Shokran.

I don’t think it is very easy to find books published in dialect of any kind, but Nuwwara is the specialist in this subject.

I dont think there are books in darija that are taught in school !
They teach them the standard arabic , french, and english as a third language depending on the school.

There is no dialect taught in Moroccan schools. I’ve some MSA Moroccan School books at home. They are different books Moroccan school kids or their parents have to buy them at little book shops.

As you already heard from other members here, we don’t learn Darija in schools in Morocco, we learn pure MSA. School books change from time to time. The book I used to study is no longer valid now. According to the new system, every region has different school books now, so you won’t even find the same books everywhere in Morocco.
If you want to buy Arabic school books, I think that best thing is to ask someone in Morocco to mail them to you.