Moroccan Native Speakers Needed - Besoin de marocains natifs

We need Moroccan native speakers to volunteer to record audio for the videos to be published on SpeakMoroccan’s channel on Youtube. If you feel like helping, please drop me a line.

Nous avons besoin de marocains natifs pour enregistrer de l’audio pour les vidéos à publier sur la chaîne de SpeakMoroccan sur Youtube. Si vous voulez nous aider, merci de m’écrire.

SM, why don’t you send out a message to the Natives of the forum, such as users like: MarocRulz, Abdessamed, PaperBird and others… i will try letting some others know as well, and if they are willing to volunteer then i’ll let you know asap inchallah.

I already did :). So if anyone else can reach out to their Moroccan friends and family, that will help.

okay. I’m moroccan native
I can speak surely darija and if that could help u . I’ll so glad
I’m ready to contribute and teaching darija although I’m not good such as a teacher :smiley:

I’m sure el SM dialna will respond to you once she comes back, inshallah if she already hasn’t. thanks for volunteering!! we definitely need more audio and visual resources…

im a native and i can help u … even though my darija isnt that good :stuck_out_tongue: i’ll try not to use mean words lol
plz let me know what i gotta do , u can send me an email coz i dont get in here a lot

@Jungfer: I sent you an e-mail.

@Madridista: I sent you an e-mail, and removed it from your post, to protect you from spam.

@Jungfer: Your e-mail address is not working. Please feel free to e-mail me instead.

i understand and can speak it. but im muddle up and sound like a baby tryin to get what i want to say., i fink i jus hate bein put on the spot lol.

my darija is not perfect but I’ve been speaking it all my life, if there is anyway I can help drop me an- e-mail

i do need to learn more on my darija. and im pickin up kwik on it. thanks

i wonder what happened to the videos… :albert: <— why is this dude called albert LOLLL

he is like albert einstein

LA, Madridista got it right.
As for the videos, no volunteers to record audio, no progress for the videos.

Marroquina, are you a native Moroccan?

sorry admin , i only have some technical problems :smiley: … my mic is makin too much dajij :s

ooooh okay…

I’m moroccan native. I can speak surely darija. I know it’s an old topic but I’ll be glad to help if there are new videos to be made

Thank you, pakyrus. I’ll e-mail you.

Any updates on the subject? :slight_smile: