Moroccan movies and music?


Do anyone of you know a site where they sell Moroccan movies and music? I wanted to buy some nice movies to my parents but I can’t seem to find a site where they’re selling movies.

I didn’t know where to post this so I decided to post it here :stuck_out_tongue:


lol you will find better selection if you get it for free and burn copies…there’s lots of sites…sad but true

I can help with this… few new moroccan movies

nawwww Tafoukty is buying gifts for her parents

yeah like i said, for the best selection, she will want to visit a site like the one dirty harry has provided (there’s about a million of them), download some good stuff, burn it, buy a nice pretty jewel case and write all over it in cute writing, tie a bow et voila…that’s if content is the most important thing…if content is not the most important thing, but rather the fact that it is an official dvd or cd, she can go to and type in moroccan…there are many wonderful dvd and cd selections on offer such as

Le harem de Mme Osmane


Chicken Mexicaine