moroccan men

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Harassment isn’t something exclusive to Morocco or Moroccan men -I think you guys already said that- these things DO happen everywhere… i know guys who get harassed by women too, and the women aren’t Moroccan or Arab or Muslim for that matter, they’re “gawriyat”, so it’s impossible to class harassment according to race or country, it happens everywhere no matter what gender you are. But I really don’t know why particular Moroccan guys insist in such a way when they see a tourist chick, maybe it’s because she looks different and more intriguing than what they are used to seeing. who knows.

[quote=Kathleen_min_Chicago]One more thing! (sorry got a little overexcited and rushed into posting)

You’d better believe it does happen!! Sexual assault happens EVERYWHERE, unfortunately, even if it’s only behind closed doors.

And that’s not a comment on assault in Morocco, cause I don’t know the figures. But I do know that it is a universal problem.[/quote]
You’re right!! Sadly… what i meant at the time when i commented on this thread is that i assume the guys who follow around girls in Morocco merely throw words and don’t go to the next level. Of course my opinion isn’t that reliable coz I don’t know the figures in Morocco either, and i’ve never even been there. ouch. :smiley:

well … most of the guys I know say otherwise. Moroccan women have a horrible reputation especially in Spain, France, Belgium, Holland and some few other countries. guys would point their finger at a girl if she did sth but they may praise a guy for doing the same thing. We all know the double standards in every single Arab country … that’s why we find guys talk about how bad girls are and girls talk about how horrible guys are. In Spain there are a lot of moroccan whores, it bleeds my heart to say this but it’s true, there are a lot of stupid thieves and drug dealers there as well … but Alhamdulillaah Moroccans there have been doing a great job there, doing dawah and building mosques.
Alhamdulillaah, Allah swt judges us according to our deeds, one has to better himself to be a good person and stop thinking of what others may think of him. My bro used to complain to me about moroccan girls in and what they do in certain countries in europe, he was like why moroccan girls, why not other arab girls … I was like they mirror us moroccan guys, we are as bad as they are
Ms LallaAicha put it well above, there are good and bad people everywhere, may Allah swt guide us to the right path, Ameen