Moroccan Male Cloths

I have some questions about Moroccan clothes

I know this is jellaba

but this one what’s it called

and there’s what we call babouj or shibshib I noticed it looks a bit different in Morocco :smiley: whats it called in darija :smiley:

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The second dress is called fôqiyya.

The Moroccan slippers are called blgha, babouches in French. The ones for men are mainly either white, yellow or grey.

The ones for women are more colorful and have more shapes.

I have a pink version of the blue blgha in the bottom :^^:.

Thanks a lot SM :smiley:

Foqiya is dishdasheh here :^^:

The blghas look so cool :smiley:
I have one close to the orange one inthe bottom :smiley:

I have, Jellaba with yellow blgha but dont where it here… :hm:

i seem to like the colorful Blgha picture…should have made it as my avator

this is a link where you can see also berber blaghi, for men (the yellow) and women (the red and decorated ones).

I have fôqiyyât and red blgha and I wear them each day (although I know that red ones are for women - here in France nobody knows it :wink: )

i’ve already seen men with red blaghi in the metro in paris. You’re wrong, Onc’Kamel, people from morocco knows exactly the difference!:mdr:

WOW I like those giant Blghas thank you konouz :smiley:


@ Muneeb:
Do make it an avatar, who’s stopping you from that?

Hiba, as Kounouz said, the plural of blgha is blâghî ;).

Kounouz, thanks for the link. Those were sure some HUGE blâghî!

Onc’Kamel, you should get yourself some nice yellow slippers ;).



I was told my slippers were called pantoofa. Is that a regional difference? Something different?

btw isnt it also called keshaba or jabador :smiley:

I like the slippers