Moroccan language help

Salam :slight_smile:

I’ve been looking for some person to help me translate a short e-mail I got.

Moroccan culture and language fascinate me but I must admit it’s very hard to grasp the lg since there’s no written grammar or anything like that. You’ve got dialects plus you can write almost in whichever manner you like . Tough 4 sb who wants to get a hint…

I would really appreciate if you could spare a moment to translate the below text (I think sb has sent it to me by mistake).

I’ve been to Morocco a few times and got a contact with few people, however their English is quite limited so when I have some free time, I try to teach them some.

The text is as follows:
ash had lghiba ; yakma les examens ?
khalina nshofok ; rah twahasht lhadra m3ak (mdraba jajajajajaj ).
j’espire belle journey avec iliec
mon nouveau Numero est … 3tini ton Numero rah tblokat nmara dyali 9dima ou tmasho numero kolhom bani 3alik alaman bash ikon nhar taboz.

Thank you in advance for your help - La3ftak (if I spell it in a right way :wink: ).

Thalao f rasak,

This is already translated in the othertopic here. Please do not post duplicate posts. Instead, if you get impatient, you can revive the unanswered ones to bring attention to them, but asking if anyone is around, or reminding us that it’s there.

Now, let me tell you, I really laughed when I read this post of yours :), not making fun of you though. Here is way:
You meant to say: Allah i7fdek = Lay7fdek = May God protect you, as a thank you expression.
Instead, you said La3ftak, which means: May God trample on you. :smiley:

7fed = Protect.
3fet = Trample on.

I put that on the numbers symbolism confusion, and you’re totally excused.
This is just for you to know, for your chats, and for others to make sure they know the difference between 7 and 3.