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Tagine,Tajine,Tagines :
Tagines come in all shapes and sizes The most common are for cooking, cooking tagines are normally glazed and can be painted in traditional designs,Plain tagines without the glazing are also used.The tagine is not only a cooking pot it is also used to serve food,normally moroccans eat directly from the tagine,using bread to scoop up the food.This is a nice easy and relaxing way to eat food.
There is also a large variety of serving tagines these are used for serving food.They are very ornate with many colourfull designs.This type of tagine can not be used for cooking.
Ornamental tagines are use mainly in decor and come in a vast variety of colours and designs, many decorated with silver or brass,sometimes with gold.
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Care for your Tagine

•Before cooking for the first time,coat the inside of the Tagine in a mixture of cooking oil and chopped onions.Leave about 1/3 cup of the mixture in the Tagine.And place in a low oven or on a low flame for a hour or more.

•Never place a hot Tagine on a cold surface.

•Always cook on a low heat slowly, this way you get the most out of your Tagine and your food.

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