moroccan herbs and spices

Hi. Could anyone post a list and translation of common herbs and spices used in Fes? Specifically looking for a translation of the Darija word, “sheba”, an herb used in brewing some teas. Thank you.

Here are some spices and herbs. I’m pretty sure most of them are used in Fes as well.

french/english - darija

safran/saffron - z3fRan
gingembre/ginger - skinjbir
cannelle/cinnamon - qerRfa
cumin/cummin - kamun
poivre/black pepper - libZaR, 7RuR
piment fort/red pepper - sudaniyya
piment doux/allspice paprika - felfel l-7lu
ail/garlic - tuma
curcuma/turmeric - xerqum
câpre/caper - kebbaR
alun/alum - shebba
anis/aniseed - nafe3, 7ebba 7lawa
pignons/pine kernel - 7ebb qrish, el-bendeq
persil/parsley - m3adnus
verveine/verbena - lwiza
menthe sauvage/wild mint - fliyyu
menthe/mint - ne3na3
pouliot/pennyroyal - fliyu
absinthe commune/absinthe - shiba
absinthe pontique/pontic absinthe - shi7
lavande/lavender - xzama
thym/thyme - ze3teR
coriandre/coriander - qezbuR

Great list. Shukran, maarten.

I think felfel l-7lu is paprika, in English.

Thank you so much! One more question, if I may: Do you have any idea what the herb “dill” (in English) corresponds to in Darija? Thank you.

I think it’s shbit (???)

Thank you very much, Maarten!

thanks maarten :slight_smile:

do u guys know what soy sauce is in darija?