Moroccan equivalent of "Kaman"

Hi all! I’d like to know the Darja equivalent of the Middle Eastern “kaman” and Fus7a “aiDan” Thanks! :smiley:


its origins is : 3awd + tani; 3awd= do sth again/one more time, tani = 2nd & it refers to a 2nd time.
the “d” is merged with the “t” so it becomes “3awtani” instead of “3awdtani”
note: in shamaly(northern) accent, it’s said: 3awtan or 3awed.

The middle-eastern “kaman” has another meaning : “yet” which doesn’t exist in Darija.

person1: i lost my wallet.
person2: i don’t believe it !!
person1: all our money is there
person2: kaman ?!!

In this case, there’s no “kaman/yet” in darija, instead…there’s another expression: “men lfo9/mellfo9”
melfo9 literally means from above/upon, but here it takes the meaning of “in addition”, so you can say that instead of “yet” we say “in addition” & it would be used like this:

person1: all our money is there!
person2: all our money mellfo9 ?!!!

:oh ok interesting thanks! um and also do you know whether this is the same for Algerians? its probably the same just interesting to know if there are any variations :ok: