moroccan engagment

Salam to all,
What are the customs and tradiotions for a moroccan engagement?

What happens, from bride to be’s side and groom to be’s side?

What does the bride to be wear and the groom to be?

what gifts does the bride give or recieve? etc etc etc etc

First there is an initial meeting between the two united families. This first step is the engagement meeting, called Khetba, where the groom’s family asks for the hand of the bride. Once the parents accept, discussions about the preparation for the wedding ceremony “3ers” start right away. These negotiations are centered around the bride’s dowry, the costs of the ceremony, and of course, and the date of the marriage.
During the Khetba, the groom may offer some jewelry to the bride and clothes too. Sometimes, during that same day of the engagement, the official or ‘legal’ marriage takes place as the two sign the necessary documents but it is not systematic. Sometimes, this may takes place during another big ceremony. Marriage takes place in the presence of an Adoul, a religious man certified by the government to manually draw up marriage certificates for couples this ceremony is called “drib sda9”. According to the religion, the Adoul attest that the marriage will take place – that the two spouses and families have agreed.

I found this girl’s blog talking about moroccan engagement and it looks authentic, enjoy!

I hope to enjoy the same experience one day… as the groom! x

Salam… I was wondering about the Moroccon customs also… Thanks for the information

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