Moroccan Culture ?'s


I am Celina and fairly new to the forum. I am attempting to learn Darija but it’s coming a bit slow. I have been getting some help but, inshAllah, I will learn it soon.

I am just curious about the culture of Morocco.
My husband is Moroccan, of course, and I know all I can know from him and his family but i’d like other people’s perspective…

For example:

Tell me about the culture, the music, the politics, pop-culture, women, marriage, children…tell me about the customs of men and women dating, public displays of affection…is it wrong for a husband and wife to hold hands in public or show affection around family???


I plan to visit, inshAllah, next summer and would like to know as much as possible


hello celina

first thing i think you should know , is that there is no “a typical moroccan culture” but moroccan culturs! of course with a shared spirit beethwin those cullturs

o mer7ba bik