Moroccan Clothing: Moroccan Capes

For men, there are long capes in different colors. They are generally hooded. The word for them in Darija is slhâm, but it’s also called brnôS.
Generally, you have to wear some traditional dress underneath sslhâm. Say a jllâba or gndôra. [Separate topics about these two will come later]

Slhâm S7râwî:

It can also be simple black with no hood:

Capes for women are not as long, they go maximum until the knee level, and are black most of the time. You wear one over your jellaba, and it keeps you really warm. After all, it doesn’t make sense to wear a coat on your Jellaba!

schukran bezzaf! I’m looking forward to the next topics on traditional Moroccan clothing. I get confused with all the names there are.

ooooh nice… i actually have a woolly djellaba type outfit at home that i wear 24/7 when it’s cold, i love the hood of it :smiley: but i’d defo want to invest in one of these when i go to morocco…

Thank you SM !
I think Slhâm S7râwî looks like Mauritanian clothes, a bit ? :smiley:

Yea I have a jllaba. I like it haha.