Moroccan Arabic: Oujda Accent

I find the Oujda accent to be very interesting. Unfortunately, I don’t know many Oujda-specific vocabulary items. I am creating this thread (and hopefully it’s the right place) to see whether there are people from Oujda around here who can help us create a list of Oujda-specific Moroccan vocabulary.

I, for one, know of a word:
Wah = Yes. Equivalent of Ah, iyyeh, used in the rest of the kingdom.

I hope that we will learn more Oujda words in this topic.

I guess the Oujdi accent is close to the Algerian one since geographically they are close… hmmm… would be interesting to hear some oujdis throw vocab at us…

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Jeje pues mira te dejo unas cuantas palabras por aquí

Ven: rwah
Ir: roh