more crazy/crazier

how would i say this in darija?


A: you’re crazy
B: shutup, you’re more crazy (crazier)

also, give me a reference of how it’s different to mid eastern arabic 3afakom.

Just a few extra egyptian stuff:

  • wayah

  • tammenni

yes, it is from Amr Diab’s songs, just in case you’re wondering

wa chukran bzzzeeef d’avance ldarijawiyin wa3rin dial lforum

haha ur in luv!!! only explanation!! but aisha 13 is too young!! stay with your studies :stuck_out_tongue:

i think the best way to say that if someone says

nti 7am9a

then you should say

nta lli 7ama9

or nta l7ama9

compare that to

anti magnoona or majnoona

but thats a pretty dam lame comeback aisha…my 2 cents :stuck_out_tongue:

nta 7ma9 / msatti
nta 7ma9 / msatti ktar mnni, or simply…nta ktar mnni

wayah (?)
tammenni, i thinkl it’s tamalli…& i don’t know what your Diab means by that… tamalli ma3ak.

tammenni means reassure me or smthing like that i do blieve…

and that song tamally ma3k…i thought that meant im always with you or my love is always with me…though i have no idea what that word tamally is from root wise or anything

o yea and wayah…not sure exactly how you would translate it im sure pb would say it better but it ??? u know like ayak (yak)…with the masculine sing. ending (which for amro of course hes talking about a chick…), so its like of her or with her or about her or smthing…

about the above either one works anta 7ama9 kter minni or anta lli 7amma9 just its the one i would use cuz it sounds better 2 me dunno why

and shut up in masri at least you could say ikhrass jjjjjjjj or even better ikhrass ba2a

wayyah = with him/her…comes from fos7a wa iyyah/ha/hom…etc

in love??? 13 ??? man there’s only one place you’re pulling these things out of… tsk tsk tsk … i haven’t found anyone worthy of my love yet :stuck_out_tongue: narcissist

thanks guys,
pb im sure its tammenni, i know tamally m3ak but tammenni is different… the rest was hella useful, y7fdkom

now im like gonna hesitate next time when getting translations coz u people come up with ur own hypotheses, plz just think neutral

didn’t see ur last post, thanks pb

tamenni ? wishes ?

hmmmmmm temenni is turkish for wish so could be :smiley: coz turkish got it from arabic, no doubt

tmenna - hope/wish
my mom says it all the time… “kan tmenna chi n3ar tdiri chi7aj bla men goullik”
so temenni is i guess ‘you wish’


:okay: :clap2:

…of course you’d find that humorous… :roll:

oops ! sorry Mimoona, didn’t mean it :blush:

it’s all good PB :smiley:
i guess my mother’s ranting has some good in it :stuck_out_tongue:

mimi i love ur mum shes hillarious haha :smiley:
and aicha if its 6amminny= i think it means ‘telll me’ usually hear it in da mid east :hap: e.g 6amminy, shu 3milti elyoum?

aaahhh, now i get it, it has to be 6ammenni, which means make me feel good, or tell me a good news or sth similar.

yeah sth along those lines hehe :wink: