Monitoring threads

Ok I think I’m slow, but especially if I don’t log on every day or two, I always lose threads…I can’t remember which ones I replied to and then someone responded to me or asked me a question but I never saw it :(…do people just subscribe to all the threads that they post to? Does this send you an email or what? Is there a better way than just relying on those yellow stars that tell you what has been updated since last you were there, like something that lets you track specifically responses to YOUR posts za3ma? Thank you for your answers friends/administrators/moderators!!!

once you log in, riiiiight at the bottom of the page there’s a “Show your posts” option, there you’ll see replies to topics you’ve participated in… if you’re up to date and have replied to everyone then you can go to “show recent posts” which is just above it, there you’ll see other posts that have been updated, which you haven’t yet participated in… clear?

btw, the “show your posts” is on the left-hand-corner at the bottom & its on the forum page when you sign in

thank youuuuu so much i will try it…ur the wo-man

bla jmil… that’s how i keep up with all the replies i get in threads.

I didn’t see this thread.
Like LA said. Also, subscribing to threads makes you receive notifications whenever there is a new reply to that thread. However, and surprisingly, it doesn’t work all the time.

yes i noticed that it doesnt work so i quit tryna use it :S no big deal though…maybe i would subscribe to a thread and then mad and lalla will get ahold of it and i’ll end up with 75 notifications…no thanks jjjjjjjjj

yeah the subscribe thing works for me only with threads that are super old and that i’m not interested in… i guess there’s a bit of a glitch with that setting, best thing is checking up on what’s going on via the Recent Posts button OR “New Posts since last visit”