Misc questions

1- we say rani, rak, raki, rah, raha etc. so for “we are” is it rana if i don’t want to say 7na?

2- i know wili wili, but what’s willi willi?

3- Lounak = your colour ? since loun is colour in fos7a, i don’t know if its the same in darija
…and if so, what would ach lounak mean in terms of implication coz asking “what’s your colour” is stupid, it must have another meaning too right?

4- If you tell someone “zid!”, what are you telling them to do? :slight_smile:

Okay, that’s all :smiley:

1- there’s no Rana, it’s Ra’7na

2 - not sure, if it’s welli then it’s “come back”, & if its waylli, then its a reaction of either surprise or impression.

3 - “ash loonal” is Middle eastern for the Moroccan “kidayr”, i didn’t get what you 're asking exactley.

4 - Zid can mean : “move on/forward” or “add (more)”

1 - Ra it’s a presentative particle. It’s not easy to explain and understand since lots of languages don’t have it. In french you have something like this: voila. Also in spanish: he. “He aquí mi amigo Javier”. Is more or less the same in darija: “Fain Javier? Rafain/ Rahwa Javier”. There is also another presentative that’s used to show proximity, coming from fusHa: ha. “ha-hwa Javier”. It’s supposed to be a distance distinction in the use of ha-ra, but I think it’s not clear nowadays. In fusHa i’ve been told that “ha-da” is formed by the presentative and the demostrative (ha-da).

2 - I think it’s the same. Isn’t a shadda in the l ? Don’t know for sure

3 - Loun is colour in darija. I don’t know about the use of lounak…

4 - It means “add” in imperative form. It’s very used meaning: “more, more…” ore “continue, continue…”

ach lounak is khaliji means how are you
I dont know its origins of saying such question to mean that meaning in fact.

ps, I dont know if other countries say it, but khalijis are famous for it…

thank you so much guys…

with ach lounak, i heard it in a rai song… so maybe they were just throwing khaliji/mid eastern stuff into the song, i don’t know.

It is also possible to say ash loonak meaning simply what’s your color, but not refering to the skin color, but so to say what is your type or sth…

ahaaa that’s what i assumed after hearing Craig David’s “whats your flavour”, something this like… interesting.
thanks again!

This is the song guys: