what does the word mjmaar mean?

mjmar is a brazier / charcoal burner for cooking

what does your ‘signature’ mean, marroquina ? Please translate, shoukran.

lilqa ra7tou filHmaq, ma 3andou maydir bil3ql
Whoever finds peace in insanity, has no need for sanity/a sound mind/sense.

lilqa- to meet

ra7tou- his peace
raHa means like rest, like feeling carefree

Hmaaq- craziness-insanity

ma 3andou maydiir- this is a moroccan phrase that means
he has no need for

'Aql or 3aql- mind; brain; sense; logic

Hope that helps!

thanks marroquina for explaining the meaning of ur signature. I was wondering too :wink:

No problem! :wink: