what’s it mean? :huh:

oh and is there a difference between msarfa9 and msarfe9?

choukran in advance (:

mfarwah means crazy, but it is used also to say when a person is doing cool stuff.

i think msarfa9 or msarfe9 is the same.

thankss (:

so how would you put mfarwah in a sentence to mead “doing cool stuff” and to mean “crazy”?

You just associate them, like any other adjectives, to the person you’re talking to or about.


  • 3andi wa7d khoya mfarwa7 bzzaf = One brother of mine is really insane/crazy/cool…
  • Wellah ila nta msarfaq = You’re really insane/crazy/…

Msarfaq literally means slapped.

thank you thank you thank you :smiley:

i knew msarfa9 meant slapped but i then realized that it could be expressed as insane/crazy/ect…
choukran again admin :slight_smile: