Members' Ranks - Rangs de membres

Did you notice the new titles you all have? - Vous avez remarqué les nouveaux rangs des membres?

Minimum posts - Rank title - Translation/Traduction
0 - Yallah jit - I just arrived / Je viens d’arriver
10 - Bdit nwllf - I am starting to get used (to the forum) / Je commence à m’habituer
50 - Mwllf nit - Really used (to the forum) / Je suis bien habitué
100 - SMnaute confirmé - Confirmed SMnaute (SM = Speak Moroccan - SMnaute = SM user)
500 - Mmalin ddar - House owners / Propriétaires de la maison

Any better suggestions?
Si vous avez de meilleures propositions, n’hésitez surtout pas !

WOW i love this :smiley: soo clever
i think they’re coool the way they are …
i NEED to become maliyat ddar :wink:
i better get POSTINGGGG :hap:

Very good for “mmaliyat ddar”, you did good putting it in the feminine plural.

awwwww choukran, yaaay :hap:
well i’ve still got a long way to gooo :frowning:
but inchallah, with some CRAAAZY posting, i WILL get there :lol:


omg i’m gonna open a topic called ‘WANNA MOVE UP A RANK’ and people can just post random habal just to increase their post numbers :angel:
will you let me, SM ?? please, please, pleaseeeeeeeee :clap:

Random habal like what?

like dots or smilie faces :slight_smile:

you in? :smiley:

:no: :fouet: Instead of habal posting, why not get to serious posting. Don’t be shy and open as many threads as your heart wishes. It’s free of charge ;), and you can cover unlimited topics. What you described can be considered as spam, and you don’t want to move from SMnaute confirmée to Spammer confirmée :D. Teasing you
Lla bssa7, I don’t think it’s a good idea to do the habal posting :). I hope you understand.

LOOOLLL that whip smilie never ceases to crack me up, everytime you do it, wallah :lol: MDR !!
and wallah SM, i wasn’t being serious :D:D i was only kidding about the habal-ness :wink:
definitely, i’ll be making new [USEFUL, NOT USELESS] threads once i get the time inchallah :D:D
and noooo, i love being SMnaute confirmée, i don’t want to be spammer confirmée :(:frowning: hehehe … no i promise i was joking :hap:

ya i think u meant buy posting random subjects :smiley:

noooo i promise i won’t do ittt :unsure: :wink:


I’m almost mmalya ddar ! :dance: :D:D

OHMYGOSHHH 12 posts to goooo :D:D
make sure you make a big deal out of your 500th post … and make sure iiii know about it :wink:

This is my 500th post :D:^^::D:^^:

I want to say that I love this forum and I learned a lot inshallah I will learn more
thank you SM for this website :ty:

thank you tukha, marocrulz…and all the members :smiley:


but wallah it looks sooooooooo coool, next to your name ‘500’ so lovely - it’s like the ultimate goal to aim for :smiley: machallah !!

well, now, you can’t post anymore, cos ‘501’ doesn’t look as cooool :lol: xx

I am honoured for having you as a friend :hap:

now it’s 502 :frowning:

ohh nooo … it looks boring :blink:

WELL, YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS … try get to 600, that will loook cooool :wink:

:lol: heheheee I AM THE HONOURED ONE, 7ABEBTI, THOUGH :hap: