meftah la9lob o plus..

SALAM :smiley: i’m wondering what the following mean…

meftah la9lob = open the hearts??? i dont know :frowning:


3a9liya dokouriya

nti ach men blasa fel maroc?

nadi ex: “zaynab o nadi”

THANKS bzaf d’avance

I think
nti ach men blasa fel maroc ?
where are you (f.) from in Morocco ?
(blasa = place)

Thanks Lisec, that one’s sorted now i just need someone to tell me the rest :slight_smile: shukran!

meftah la9lob - The key to hearts

omab3idch - And it’s/I am not far way

3a9liya dokouriya - Masculine mentality

nti ach men blasa fel maroc? - Where are located/from in Morocco?

nadi ex: “zaynab o nadi” - This must be Nadia, a feminine name.

THANKS DL, the name before “o nadi” was actually a guy’s name, so nadi is too probably a guy’s name, or something else.

barakallahu fik for your help