meaning of one word

??? i have a somewhat trace of a hint, but maybe it has nothing to do with it. so, i’ll be happy to receive an answer :slight_smile: I encountered this word in BaTma’s “Ar-Rahil”.

I am trying to figure out what this word means, but I am not even sure I read it right. Can you transliterate it? Or even better, get me a link to the song you heard it from.

Welcome to the forums :).

it’s not from any song. it’s from his autobiography he wrote. this is the context, somehow ??? ???.. ??? - tubga
from what i deduced, maybe there’s some word with a certain sexual meaning, from a semantical point of view. i don’t know. that’s why I am trying to solve this really bleak puzzle. :slight_smile: thanx

I thought that it was from some song. If it’s not too much asking, and to help me (us) have more chances to guess, can you contextualize more? Just paste the whole paragraph your word was part of, and we’ll what it’ll give.

PS: It’s after I replied to your post that I checked your e-mail address and it looked very familiar to me. Puis j’ai fais le lien :). I hope that your trip to Morocco was a good one. Feel free to tell us about delightful and odd things you experienced :).