MAZAGAN beach resort

a huge hotel in the atlantic beach near EL jadida has opened its doors lately to the tourists who like to enjoy the moroccan sun and sand …
the constructions cost 300M euros … and a suit in this hotel costs 9000 euros per night :no:

here is a french reportage about this palace


in english


9000 euros?!!! omg well clearly this was made for celebs only and not us simpletons lol :huh:

must be nice to work ther jma3 zbal
salary 9000€

hahahahahahah yeah this wasnt made for us :smiley:

Daaamn…Dubai in Morocco or what, truly amazing. Hahaha jalla jalla PB, DL go & apply for work there

loool yeah they need coiffeura there a doudi :stuck_out_tongue:

who needs to pay 9000 when you can sleep under the stars gratuiiiiiiiiit

ooooooooohhhhh t’es tro romantic toi … but dont do it in morocco ok? :no:

nonnnn chui pas romantic, c’est juste que j’essai de choisir les alternatifs les plus rakhees

les plus rkhass *


ur welome :wink:

i’m aicha, not welome

ohh really … im sorry didnt know u with the burka



that emoticon was made for you, beurrrk

yeah :smiley: i like it wuahahahhahahahahhah
here is an emoticone made for u :wall: hhhhhhhhhh

lolllllll what’s that supposed to mean? that i bang my head on walls??? :gng: <---- thats made for me