Marriage proposal

Hello Everyone,

I recently joined this site, it has proven to be an excellent tool to learn the language. I am planning to propose to my long time girlfriend, and I would love to do it in her mother tongue. Any of you knows the translation for a typical marriage proposal phrase?

Thank you very much.

Welcome to the forum :). Please come and tell us a little about yourself in the new members section, other members will be happy to welcome you as well.

Thanks :). I hope to see you start using Darija on the forum soon.

Nice! But wouldn’t a “would you marry me?” be too short and simple? It’s: “Ttjwwji biyya?”
In Morocco, we don’t have those creative marriage proposals that we watch Americans do on TV :D, and there isn’t a typical phrase other than the one I translated. So you can write a short message in English if you want, and let us translate it for you.
Congratulations in advance!

That’s perfect!!

Actually the proposal would be multilingual, she is also learning spanish that is my mother tongue. So it would be a mix of english, french, spanish and darija. I’ll defenetively go say hi at the new members section.


If you’re not going to “say” it, then you’d probably want it written in Arabic letters, no?
You’re welcome!

Actually I am going to say it

Congrats :slight_smile:

Congratulations !

Why not : Will you ttjwwji biyya, et partager ma vie, for the best and the worst, mi corazon ? :fouet:

welcome rotry and congratulations !

[quote=Onc’Kamel]Congratulations !

Why not : Will you ttjwwji biyya, et partager ma vie, for the best and the worst, mi corazon ? :fouet:[/quote]
VERY well done! I LOVE that!
But English was used twice, so it could be “willst du” in the beginning of the sentence, to have some German too.

Now everyone will want to be invited to the wedding :D.

Why not in Merzouga, under berber tents ?

you got it! :wink: So the event will happen on saturday night Eastern time. I’ll post the story as it happened. I have the limousine ready to pick her up, restaurant is advised of the plan, hopefully everything will go fine. inchallah! :smiley:

We sure would love to know how the proposal goes, and then let us know about the WEDDING, In sha Allah (God willing).

I got the engagement ring today, the final phrase has been written, everything seems to be set for Saturday. Wish me luck!! :blink:

Good luck you two !

good luck >>>>> Bonne chance >>>> Buena suerte >>>>> How could i tell it in darija miss SM, please?

thanx so much.:wink:

No exact equivalent, we rather say may God help you, or may God make you successful. Sometimes on TV, people would use a form from MSA: 7aDD sa3îd or 7add mowaffaq.

A thought from me too for you rotry. Good luck and I hope that things will go smoothly and as you expect them to :).