Marrakech pronunciation


Is “Marrakech” pronounced with the stress on the second syllable (ma-RRA-kech) or the last one (ma-rra-KECH)?

Shukran jazilan!

The second one, the “R” part

“Marrakech” is the french pronounciation. the arabic one is “Murrakush”, from Amazigh “Moor a kush” (Land of God), with Moroccan Darija pronounciation (which is a mixture of Arabic language & Amazigh pronounciation) it becomes “M’rraksh”

Yes, I have noticed that whereas in English we pronounce it with 3 syllables : ma-ra-kesh (with stress on the last syllable) in Moroccan it is pronounced with just 2 syllables : ma-raksh (with the stress on the last syllable).

Thank you, paperbird and lise_c!